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Odd Socks Terms and Conditions

It is agreed that the fee for each Engagement shall be payable on the date of the performance of such engagement.

The Hirer and the Band Leader agree that the equipment and instruments of each musician performing for an Engagement are not available for use by any other person, except by specific permission of the musician.

The Hirer shall ensure the security of the musicians and their property at the venue.

The Hirer shall not make or permit the making of any professional audio and/or visual recording or transmission of the musicians’ performance without the prior written consent of the musicians.

This Agreement may not be modified or cancelled except by mutual consent, in writing signed by both parties.

Any rider attached hereto and signed by both parties shall be deemed incorporated into this Agreement.

In the very unlikely situation, where due to unforeseen circumstances the band are unable to honour a date (e.g. Cancelled flights, illness, acts of god etc.) the band will endeavour to find a replacement of equal or better quality.

Any specific questions or enquiries about our Term and Conditions can be directed to